Saturday, March 1, 2014

Some updates since the last time I posted...


It sure has been a while since I've posted anything here, and I have a few things to report.  After that I'll probably do a couple more posts of things I've been thinking about lately.

1)  I have taken on a new student in the SCA, Lady Sigga kausi Geiradotter.  She is one of my two deputies as Midhaven Pursuivant, and also serving as Chronicler for the Shire of Midhaven.  I am very eager to see where her efforts will take her.

She has recently designed a device and badge to submit:

2)  I have recently been working with Duchess Angharad on her augmentation of arms, and this is what Her Grace seems to have settled on.  The crown is the addition to her already-registered device.

3) I recently accepted appointment as the Argent Scroll Herald for the Kingdom of An Tir.  This is the office within the College of Heralds responsible for heraldic education generally, and specifically responsible for the content of the annual An Tir Heraldic & Scribal Symposium.  I was invested with this office and title in the court of King Eirik and Queen Driffina at Ursulmas, January 25th, 2014.  You can watch my investiture at

4) I was the event steward for Midhaven’s Harvest Feast last November.  It went spectacularly, and a lot of the credit is due to good fortune.  I also served as camp coordinator for July Coronation, and pre-registration coordinator (again) for Ursulmas in January.

5) In September, I got to go with my daughter to the investiture of the Prince and Princess of Tir Righ.  Just before stepping up, the Prince-to-be became a fellow protégé of my Pelican, Duchess Angharad.  He just stepped down last weekend.

6) My sons have both submitted names and devices for registration by the SCA College of Arms.  We’re still awaiting the results.
Edwin FitzMichael
Jaren FitzMichael

7) Also, Lady Avelyn and I put together a reversible herald’s tabard to be regalia for the Midhaven Pursuivant.  The tabard has the arms of the Kingdom of An Tir on the front, back, and sleeves, but when you flip it over (inside out?) then it displays the arms of the Shire of Midhaven on front, back, and sleeves.  You can see the King and Queen putting it on me in the YouTube video of my investiture.  Here is a snapshot of me wearing it later in the same court, but with the Midhaven side showing, for when the Shire presented the King and Queen with $250 toward the purchase of new crowns.

8) Midhaven had a session of the University of Ithra in February.  In it, I taught a class in basic heraldry and took a few other classes.  I have also written an article for the Midhaven quarterly newletter, and the Murmurs (the newsletter for the Barony of Aquaterra) — same article.  I’ll post the article here, too.  It is entitled “Mediæval English Pet Names”, and refers to diminutives of personal names, not to names that people in mediæval England gave to their animal companions.

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