Thursday, April 4, 2013

Results of Recent Heraldic Submissions

I am thrilled to report that the SCA College of Arms has registered a populace badge for the Shire of Midhaven, a personal badge for my lady wife, and my heraldic will.

A populace badge is an armorial device marking members of the populace of a particular branch, in this case, the Shire of Midhaven (Kingdom of An Tir, Society for Creative Anachronism).  This particular badge is blazoned:  Argent, on a pale azure cotised sable, a tulip slipped and leaved argent.

The newly registered badge of my lady wife, Lady Avelyn de Mowbray, JdL, is blazoned:  (Fieldless) A cinquefoil pierced per pale purpure and vert.

My heraldic will designates my will regarding the disposition upon my death of the items which I currently have registered with the SCA College of Arms.  These include my name, Michael FitzGeoffrey, which I designated to be released, but the College of Arms (rightly) says cannot take place as long as my armory is registered under it, and must therefore remain until my other items are transferred, as stipulated.  Secondly, it designates my older son as my heir for my device, (Vert, a Latin cross and on a chief potenty argent, three mullets of eight points pierced gules).  Thirdly, my badge [(Fieldless)  On a cross potent vert, another argent] is bequeathed to Lady Avelyn.
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