Thursday, October 25, 2012

Busy, busy, busy (as usual)

Well, it has been a while since my last post, but I have not been slacking off (much).  Mostly, I’ve kept busy (SCA-wise, that is) with several local events, a bit of book heraldry, and a few other miscellaneous matters.

September 2012
·         Taught a class at the Shire of Midhaven’s monthly A&S / Social Night (see my previous post).

October 2012
·         Midhaven’s Fall Ithra and Revel (a great success):  I taught one class, and took three others.  I also had opportunity to provide crash space for two senior heralds, and therefore, to pick their brains on a variety of issues.  They were very helpful with a few of my heraldic consultation clients.
·         Shire herald’s quarterly report to the Kingdom
·         Working with the Ursulmas event team to prepare for event pre-registrations
·         Taking pre-registrations for Midhaven’s Harvest Feast
·         Began my first scarlet-work project

November 2012
·         In November, Midhaven will have its annual Harvest Feast, including a court held by the Crown Prince and Crown Princess ofAn Tir, for which I anticipate that I will either be the herald or will coach a new herald.
·         I’m also going to meet with my student, Cailin Cobb, and his wife, Fujioka no Kaorime, as well as my wife, Lady Avelyn de Mowbray to help them make good quality pages for themselves on the An Tir wiki.
·         Also, Lady Avelyn and I have been invited to a “persona dinner”.

In addition…
·         My Pelican (Duchess Angharad) has assigned her protégés to provide her an SCA résumé and a list of what we have done in 2012, sometime in January 2013.
·         Sometime soon, I want to get started on my heraldic tabard

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