Thursday, August 30, 2012

Recent Projects

Greetings.  Well, An Tir’s September Crown Tourney is nearly upon us.  Our family will be attending together with Lady Elewys Cuylter of Finchingefeld and her daughter, Lottie Blacksmith, and also Elizabeth of Fernhill with her husband and little children.  As I write, Lady Avelyn is busy making herself a new apron dress (in the Viking style).  Our group has reserved camping space under the name House Finchingefeld.

I have recently made myself a green belt favor with the yellow crossed trumpets of the herald’s badge hand-embroidered upon it.

Also, I have been working on preparing to teach a "What Can Your Herald Do for You?" class at the upcoming Midhaven Fall Ithra.  This will be my first time teaching an Ithra class, and is intended to cover the things that heralds do, and the things that heralds could do if asked.  I am also eager for the other heraldry classes that will be offered.

(Fieldless.)  A cinquefoil pierced
per pale purpure and vert.
On the subject of heraldry, I have volunteered to do early morning town cries on the Saturday and Sunday of September Crown, and may be joined for at least one of these by Libuše Makovička, who is a relatively new member from Midhaven.  She has been interested in voice heraldry and tried it out a couple times over this summer.  She and I may also assist a bit with field heraldry and perhaps even court heraldry, as well.

I have also been working with Lord Bryson MacLachlan and my wife, Lady Avelyn de Mowbray, to develop personal badges.  Lady Avelyn has settled upon a rather elegant badge (IMHO) which has now been submitted for registration by the SCA College of Arms.

In addition, I have recently been working on a redesign of a couple of badges that the Shire of Midhaven has already unsuccessfully tried to register.  One, for the populace is now,  Argent, on a pale azure, cotised sable, a tulip slipped and leaved argent.  The other, for the Company of the Tulip, is (Fieldless.)  A tulip slipped, leaved, and conjoined at the base within a billet voided argent.
proposed redesign of
Midhaven’s populace badge
proposed redesign of badge for the
Company of the Tulip

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