Sunday, August 5, 2012

Demo at Stanwood-Camano Fair

On Friday evening, 3 August 2012 the Barony of Aquaterra, by invitation, put on a demo for the fairgoers at the Stanwood-Camano Fair.

The demo began late, due to the need for the Fair to bulldoze the equestrian arena and prep area.  Sir Brand deus-Leons, KSCA, OP, was a great chatelaine, chatting up the assembled audience, one bleacher at a time, while everyone was waiting for the show to get underway.  Once the bulldozer finished, the demo kicked off with a processession onto the field led by Countess SinĂ©idin Baroness Aquaterra and the other riders and followed by Baron Steinolfr, the heavy fighters, and the support crews, on foot.

Field heraldry was a bit unusual, as the layout of the venue was rather too large for the crowd to hear a voice herald from the field.  It did, however, have an announcer's booth with a public address system.  Still, I spent the heavy demo with a walkie-talkie to communicate with the announcer's booth as needed.  So, in the best tradition of functional heraldry, I facilitated communication between the combatants, the announcers, the Baroness, and (later on) the equestrians.

All in all, there was a pretty good crowd, not packed, but sizable.  Several people were quite eager and interested.

There were eight heavy fighters who participated, at first, taking turns with one-on-one scenarios, then after taking a break to talk to the audience and show them their armor and weapons up close, a grand melee.

After the fighting demo, we had an equestrian demo, with a few riders jousting at quintains, then at successively smaller rings.

Overall, the demo was a success, although neither highly organized, nor without injury.  (One lady was taken by ambulance after her horse was spooked.)  Still, we had fun, the audience seemed to enjoy it, I expect the fair will want us back next year, and we now have the experience to know what to do differently next time.

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