Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Terror in the Tulips - RAIN!

On Saturday, June 24, 2012, a sudden thunderstorm swept through the event site, dumping copious amounts of rain, accompanied by violent gusts that destroyed the pop-up at gate, and threw our own pop-up at our yurt, while I was tying down the edges of its roof, which were flying up and letting the torrent in.  Thanks to the timely assistance of those camping next to us, we were able to get everything taken care of, being nevertheless drenched to the bone in the process.

After the worst of the storm had passed, and while the rain yet continued heavy upon all around, 'twas decided to call off all remaining activities for the day.  Indeed, many of those at the event departed to pass the night in the relative comfort of their own manors, leaving their pavilions erected, having heard conflicting reports from various sources regarding the weather yet to come.  Some reports claimed that the storms were to return at midnight.  However, as the evening wore on, the weather cleared, and the stars were revealed in great splendor, even including the fortuitous omen of a shooting star.

During the eventide, my sister and I went on a quest in search of warm, delicious clam chowder, whereby to fend off the chill that did verily persist in our bodies resulting from the thorough soaking endured in the day's storm.  It took some two hours to find a merchant from which to buy this marvelously successful concoction.

Then, by the grace of heaven, the following day was blessed with glorious sun.  By the same were our yurt and other effects dried sufficiently to pack away, while the children, playing in the sun all day, received severe sunburns.

The weather notwithstanding, much fun was had by many, as not a few undertook to experience things which theretofore they had yet to attempt.  (For example, Libuše Makovička assisted with heralding baronial court, and a few gentles entered their first ever Arts & Sciences competition.)

Finally, resounding cheers to the Town of KeyPoynt for providing breakfast (for donations) to so many.  It was a wonderful meal, masterfully prepared.  Huzzah for Lord Etolé and his now famous omelets.

Photographs of the event can be seen at:

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